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Thread: Pico 3 button and multiple dimmers

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    Question Pico 3 button and multiple dimmers

    I've tried to search for this specific issue but have come up empty. Please help!

    I want to install two dimmers in one room to each control a couple of lights. I'd like to use a single Pico 3 button remote (On/Off, Dim up/down, Dim level preset button -- comes with a dimmer in a package -> to control both without the use of a bridge.

    If I understand correctly, it is possible to pair a single Pico remote to both switches. If I also understand correctly, by doing so the remote will operate both switches simultaneously.

    My question is, if I manually adjust the dimmers for each circuit using the wall switches to two different levels, THEN use the pico remote scene button to save the state, will it then be able to recall the different dimming levels later by pressing the recall button?


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    Yes. If you have one at 75% and one at 50% and save the setting, when you press the "favorite" button they will go to 50% and 75% no matter what their current level is.
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    Excellent, thank you very much!

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