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Thread: 12.2.1 Inclusive Bug?

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    12.2.1 Inclusive Bug?

    Hello, I just upgraded to 12.2.1. If I change a dimmer from the default RRD-PRO to a RRD-6ND the program now automatically adds a PHPM-PA-120 phase adaptive power module. I confirmed 12.0 does not do this. Weird. Mostly annoying because 6ND is my go to and I now have to select it manually (is there a way to set it as default?) since its $20 cheaper per unit and that can really add up on a job. Confirmed it does not do this on 12.0.1.

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    There is no way to set the default device. We have been asking for that feature for some time. Based on recent history, the next update should be in March 2021.

    I also noticed that if you move through the "Fixture wattage" field the default device changes back to RRD-PRO. That's an awesome time saver right there!!
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    Thank you whackit,We are aware of this issue and are currently working to address it with our team. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

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