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Thread: Making a switch turn on and off

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    Making a switch turn on and off

    I'm a brand new user. My system was set up by someone else and I'm just now starting to customize it to my liking.I can set basic levels and add to scenarios on the app, but there is one thing I can’t figure out.Some of the buttons on the switch plates only turn lights off. For instance, the bedroom switch plate has one button that turns off all bedroom lights. Above it are individual buttons for each light in the room.I have to push each individual button to turn all lights on, but the button that says”lights off”, turns them all off.How can I make this button turn them all off AND all on? Can I do it through the app? Or do I need to call the guy that installed it?Thanks

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    You'll have to call the original programmer. What you are asking for requires a can in the file that only the laptop programming can do for you. Ask him to make the bottom button "All Lights" and a toggle from 100% (or whatever you feel is "right") and off. Should be an easy change for the programmer.
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    Mike, thanks so much for the quick, clear reply.You saved me a lot of time hunting online.

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