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Thread: wiring diagram wrong

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    wiring diagram wrong

    Help!! I installed the maestro cl with 2 companion dimmers in my great room. They work great, except now I don't have power in another adjacent room. I went over the step by step directions on the lutron site and everything looks perfect. I then opened the pdf wiring diagram on the lutron site and the dimmer in location 3 shows different wiring. The black tagged wire in the step by step is connected to the black screw on the dimmer. The same wire is shown connected to the brass wire on the pdf diagram. I don't want to switch the wire to the brass screw without confirmation that the step by step is incorrect.

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    Can you provide links to the documents you referenced?

    What you want is power to come in on the black screw and out to the next device/load on the brass screw. The blue screws all connect together for communication. I normally use the red wire for communication because it is easier to trace through the circuit.
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