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Thread: Serena shade intermittent

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    Question Serena shade intermittent


    Not sure if this is a radiora 2 or a shade question...

    My radiora 2 system has one shade that is now responding intermittently -- about 10% of the time. The other four shades are working perfectly. This shade is second-closest to the main repeater (about 25'). All shades are permanently-wired for power.

    Any suggestions on troubleshooting?



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    I've had a few situations where a shade was slow to reply, or stopped responding entirely, but nothing where it's been intermittent.

    Just to clarify, are you using a Serena Shade with a RadioRA 2 main repeater? I thought that only Sivoia QS were compatible with RadioRA 2 - want to understand if I missed something.

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    I have a table top keypad at about that distance as well, it works for the most part but it never is found when I have to re-program. I always have to bring it into range. I would suggest adding a Aux. Repeater or if you or your installer has one, at least test with one and see if it helps that.

    You said they were wired (power) but what about the control, is it wired or Pico?

    Last and most unlikely, if the power panel(s) are far away or the wire to small perhaps you aren't getting enough voltage at the shade(s).

    I'm guessing you have a Triathlon or Sivoia QS, the Serena shouldn't be able to "talk" to the RR2, unless the shade is operated independent of the system.

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