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Thread: Dimmer Pico paired to 2 Button Switch

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    Dimmer Pico paired to 2 Button Switch

    I'm gathering parts for a new house being built. I'm seeing the price for a dimmer pico including the mounting adapter and faceplate is cheaper than a 2 button pico by itself. Will the dimmer pico pair with a 2 button switch? If yes, can the extra buttons be programmed to activate scenes?

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    The Pico that comes in the dimmer package is a 3-button, raise/lower (3BRL). You can assign it to a non-dim switch, however, only the on/off buttons will work. If you hold the raise or lower button long enough you may see the switch turn on or off. The buttons of the Pico are preset so you would not be able to change raise to activate a scene.

    There are some Pico models, mostly white, that have a MSRP of $25. There are some 4-button models that you can do separate scenes with. Their MSRP is $39. The 4-button is going to be harder to find so it may be closer to MSRP than some of the other models.
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