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Thread: Radio RA 2 Select Design

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    Radio RA 2 Select Design

    I will purchase the Ra 2 select system. What is the best route to have my new Construction project completed by picking the right switches and dimmers. Im a DYI type of guy. I need options with out breaking the bank,

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    Check out\led. I would go with the RRD-6ND first so you will need to use the "Report Card Tool." If you want to use the RRD-6CL you can use the "Bulb Compatibility Tool."

    I've had pretty good luck with Philips, Cree and EcoSmart (HomeDepot store brand).

    Most electric utilities offer rebates for energy saving upgrades. In my area they offer them through retailers. Not all models qualify. A 40w may qualify but the 60w may not. Some retailers are selective about how they apply rebates. For example, they may apply the rebate to the store brand and not to the national brand, even if the national brand qualifies.
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