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Thread: What happens to Control4 automation if I replace a Lutron switch or dimmer?

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    What happens to Control4 automation if I replace a Lutron switch or dimmer?

    Got a few Victorian-style push-button switches that are tied to Control4 system. When they are pressed, they run scenes to turn various Lutron RadioRA dimmers and switches on and off. I know Lutron programming but not Control4.I would like to replace a few of the Lutron switches with RRD-PRO dimmers. The ones I want to change are used in Control4 scenes.In RadioRA 2 Essentials, I would go to the Design tab, select the Room, Edit Device, then select "Choose Alternate Model", select RRD-PRO, put in the serial number in the Activate tab, etc.My question is whether this would mess up the Control4 programming.If I change a switch or dimmer in Lutron using the Edit Device + "Choose Alternate Model" then reactivating, does the switch or dimmer keep the same ID? At least on the Lutron side, I don't appear to have to reprogram multi-room scenes or path of light.Does Control4 reference switches and dimmers via ID (vs. serial number or name)? If I swap out an RRD-PRO dimmer for an RRD-8ANS switch, would Control4 try to set the dimmer to 100% for on and 0% for off? Or would it stop working because there's a dimmer in place of a switch?

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    @nstuyvesant- you'll need to get the new ID numbers for the replaced switches and have the Control4 programmer change the IDs on the C4 drivers. When you replace the dimmers, there's no guarantee that the dimmer will get the same ID number. As for swapping, you could just replace the 8ANS with the PRO, but the C4 system will still see it as a switch, and only allow for on/off. If you wanted dimming, the C4 programmer will need to replace the switch driver in Composer Pro and then re-visit all programming involving the switch and change to the new dimmer driver. Quite a bit of work if there is a lot of programming involved.
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    Thanks for this @SDR-Mike. I changed out the RRD-8ANS with an RRD-PRO and the Control4 scene triggered by my Victorian switch seems to work. When I added the RRD-Pro, I edited the RRD-8ANS in the Design tab rather than deleting the old device and adding a new one. My hope was that this approach would retain the ID number (which it seems to have done). Control4 must also use the serial numbers since I repurposed one of the RRD-8ANS's for a towel heater. Turning on the living room lights also turns on the towel heater. Clearly, some Control4 edits are in order.I'm considering dropping Control4 and replacing it and the IO Extenders with Visor Controls. The only problem is that RadioRA 2 Essentials 12.2.1 crashes whenever I try to edit a Visor Control in the Design tab.

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