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Thread: Set variables on processor boot?

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    Set variables on processor boot?

    Is there a way to run an event when the processor boots up or I suppose when the complete system is online (all processors have booted up)? I do a lot of programming using single variable states to determine what level to use when then lights are turned on. This works great, but if the system is rebooted, the current state needs to be set manually. It would be nice if I could set this with a conditional.

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    I just thought of a solution (not great, but might be the best I can do). Instead of using the default value of the variable for my desired programming, I consider it a system rebooted value. I can put basic button programming in that state and then add events that run every 30 minutes or 1 hour. I can then use a conditional on the events to decide if the state variable is at its default value and then act accordingly.

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    Good idea - it is a pain not having startup config option though. Plus events show up in the app and it starts to look untidy from the homeowner perspective - on a side note it would be good to be able to hide events and other items from the app, or at least have events display in the hierarchy that you see in Designer.

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    You can have multiple time clocks in HQS. You can't hide specific events by you can hide an entire time clock from the app.
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