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Thread: Does Alexa require you delete all devices and readd when adding new ones like Google?

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    Does Alexa require you delete all devices and readd when adding new ones like Google?

    Hi everyone. I have a Google Nest Hub in pretty much every room of my home. I used to love using it to control the lights by voice. I switched to RadioRA2 a few months ago but the thing I don't like with it is how any time you add a new light you have to delete them all and start over. So for example if I have 50 RA2 dimmers today and I set them all up in the Home app and put them in rooms, but then buy a new RA2 dimmer, you can't just add that dimmer to the system but instead have to delete the RA2 integration from Google Home, add it again and start all over. For people like myself always moving or adding things it's a huge pain. I was just wondering if Alexa works the same, or if I can add new RA2 devices to the system and have Alexa just update with them?

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    If you add or change something in RA2 you tell Alexa (not a voice command) to get the RA2 info again. It connects to the main repeater and gets the new data.
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