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Thread: RA2 Main Repeater: Cannot downgrade 12.2.1 firmware to earlier version

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    RA2 Main Repeater: Cannot downgrade 12.2.1 firmware to earlier version

    The repeater works fine, takes programming from 12.2.1, but I cannot get it to downgrade to 12.0.1 or earlier versions. Tried direct connect as well as network, power off/on, made sure lutron:integration user was added (and transferred) before attempting to downgrade.Anybody with same problem? Any suggestions?

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    I haven't tried it, and now that you discovered this issue, I won't "try it" unless I'm sure I want 12.2. A couple of things you can try (and probably already have):

    Try "Update Main Repeater Firmware" from the tools menu.

    Try factory defaulting the main repeater.
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    Caution: Be SURE if you have any integrations using the default username/passwords, you *disable* those integrations, or setup new username/passwords for the integration and program those first. Otherwise, the integrations will continuously hit the repeater and you'll get locked out, and have to power cycle the repeater. This affects the mobile apps too.

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    Why are you trying to downgrade? Is there an issue with 12.2.1? I am working on installing my radioRA2 system for the first time and want to know what issues it may have.

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