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Thread: Connect SmartBridge Pro to 2.4ghz wifi only?

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    Connect SmartBridge Pro to 2.4ghz wifi only?

    I'm having some trouble with my lights and connecting the lights to the 2.4 ghz was one possible solution I was told to look into. Does anyone know how or if I can do this? I use a google wifi mesh router but because of limited ports I have the bridge plugged into a TP-Link dual band extender.

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    2.4 gHz and 5 gHz are WiFi terms. The Caseta bridge plugs directly in to the router so those terms do not apply. If your TP-link is communicating with the router via WiFi you might be able to force it to use 2.4 gHz only. That would be a function of the TP-link.

    Communication between the Caseta bridge and devices is via Clear Connect (Lutron's proprietary RF system). It does not use WiFi for communicating with the devices. You can designate (1) plug-in dimmer (PD-3PCL-WH) as a range extender which will boost the signal. You can experiment with the location of the 3PCL to find the best spot.
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