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Thread: RRD-6ND - RA2 Select install rookie assistance. Jumper required?

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    RRD-6ND - RA2 Select install rookie assistance. Jumper required?

    Today was the 3rd time my electrician mentioned a switch was 'bad'. I'm new to this, but one thing I know is these were not cheap dimmers and find it hard to believe this is the 3rd +$100 switch that is 'bad'.I sent him the wiring diagram via text, didn't have much to say - my assumption is he did not install the included white jumper cable that came with the dimmer. My understanding is the jumper is ganged with the neutrals and to the 2nd silver neutral terminal ( I believe this is called forward phase?) I do not have my RA2 Select hub setup yet. Some lights appear to work just fine, while others have a 'bad' switch. Each dimmer is powering a total of 4 to 6 12w recessed LED downlights. These are forward/reverse phase lights : are forward/reverse phase/ TRIARC/ELV : can't make sense of why some work and others don't. Again it appears the jumper cable is required, but how can I explain to my electrician why its needed? When standard off-the-shelf dimmers are installed, there are no issues. Or is it a matter of the Lutron rep providing me the wrong ones? The rep was also the one who suggested I use these Liteline fixtures. Thank you

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    If your device has a neutral connection, you must connect the neutral. In some Lutron documentation it says the neutral is optional. If you live in a 10th floor lab in Coopersburg it may be optional. If you live in the real world it is not optional.

    Digging the neutral out of the box is a pain in the neck. It's always in the very back so you have to remove every device just to install 1 dimmer. Still gotta do it.

    The neutral is a magical thing. Stuff just works better with it. Especially electronics. The dimmer will perform better and the LEDs it is controlling will work better.
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    The RRD-6ND requires a neutral to be connected to the white screw in all circumstances. The RRD-PRO does not always require it depending on the load.

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