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Thread: New RRD-PRO Dimmer

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    I called Lutron weeks ago to ask what “mode” the dimmer was in and they had no idea.

    Wouldn’t the dimmer go into the protection mode and flash the LEDs depending on the issue.

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    I know this is an old thread, but since the question was never answered, for posterity and search engine sake; the question was asked: " I find that I can't select the phase, nor set the low end trim below 35%." I recently had the same issue until I realized I had selected the wrong load type. If you choose "LED Lutron 1% Phase Control (2-wire) Dimmer" the RRD-PRO is available as a model, but you will be restricted to Forward Phase and 35-45% low-end trim. The Device Type you want (for LED recessed cans, for example) is ELV/MLV Phase Selectable Dimmer. Choose RRD-PRO as the Model. You can then choose the phase and trim levels, which will default to Reverse and 1-99%.

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