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Thread: Wiring Maestro timers together

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    Wiring Maestro timers together

    Is it possible to wire Maestro timers together so that a device will stay running if either timer is supplying power? I'm swapping the in ceiling fan units for a single centralized/ducted solution and would like to keep my timers but I'm not sure if they'll work/can be wired like the ones in the link below.

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    I tried it once with the MA-T51 (non-neutral) and it did not work. Tech support really didn't/couldn't say why, just that it would not work.
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    Hello All,Thank you for your posts! Unfortunately, the Maestro MA-T51 countdown timer is only rated for a single pole application with one point of control via the spec sheet @ . As it is a digital control, in order for it to be applicable to be used in a 3-way application it would need an additional blue "communication" terminal screw to receive a signal from a companion unit that is wired on the same circuit. In this case we do not offer this type of countdown timer that could be used in a multi-location application. We do appreciate the feedback and will ensure this inquiry gets passed along to our product development teams for review. Hope this info helps! -JustinF.

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    Actually you do. The MA-T51MN has a blue "communication" terminal. It works with a MA-AS but that only provides on/off control at the other locations. It doesn't indicate time left or to allow you to adjust the time.

    I asked this question a long, long time ago. For what ever reason, Lutron has no interest in updating the MA-T51 timers. They won't even update them so they can operate in parallel.
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    Hi Randyc,Thank you for your reply and correction to my previous comment! You are absolutely right that the neutral based version of our Maestro countdown timer (Model # MA-T51MN) can in fact be utilized in a 3-way application with a Maestro companion switch (Model# MA-AS). Thank you for the correction again!-JustinF.

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