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Thread: PD-10NXD with pico remote

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    PD-10NXD with pico remote

    Just wondering if you can use a pico remote as a 4way when using a PD-10xnd and a mechanical switch at the other end of the 3 way.

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    @BigEJ84,Hello, I'm new here, but I tried to help anyway. That Part Number (PD-10NXD) (at least a Part Number that I can find) is not a valid Part Number. If you could please re-check the Part Number and repost. I'm sure someone here will be able to help you. Thanks.Sincerely,heatman5

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    @BigEJ84,Sorry, my bad. PD-10-NXD is a valid Part Number. From all I've read, you can program up to 10 (ten) Pico Remotes to a Wireless Wall Dimmer/Switch (generally speaking). Documentation is sparse on this Caseta Wireless Wall Dimmer. I'm relaying what I've read about the other Lutron Wireless Devices using RA2 Select, Radio RA2, Maestro Wireless, Vive, etc. I hope this helps.Sincerely,heatman

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    Yes. You can add a Pico to any dimmer or switch. It doesn't necessarily need to be at the box where the 4-way was. If you wanted to and another control on the other side of the room you can add a Pico there. When you add a Pico to the app, it will prompt you to tell it which device it is associated with.

    If you are not using a bridge, you can manually program a Caseta device to work with Pico remotes. I thought the limit was 10 radios so you could have 1 dimmer and 9 Picos, 2 dimmers and 8 Picos, etc.
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