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Thread: Grafik T DImmers and Keypads

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    Grafik T DImmers and Keypads

    I have never installed these and wanted opinions from those that have install there. Such as how well does the touch work for ramping up and down? Things I should know that are only clear once you have installed them in a system?I have already warned the customer of the cost differential;).

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    The touch feature works fine. The LEDs are white. You can adjust the intensity but is still may be overwhelming. The toggle LED is orange. An interesting combination. Seems odd that you can get $50 dimmers that allow you to choose the LED color but not with a $300 Lutron dimmer.

    The dimmer and the switch are identical from the user side. It could cause some confusion.

    They don't gang well with other devices. Special plates are required. More $$.
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