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Thread: Generator Emergency on lights on the RPM cycle on then off

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    Generator Emergency on lights on the RPM cycle on then off

    Background: We have been transitioning a Illumination system from Homeworks to QS. The system has two Generac 17KW generator tied to the home. With the Illumination system I remember I had to adjust the PLL settings to “off” because the lights were flashing when the generator system kick on. Now that we have coverted the system to QS the lights will turn on then in a short few seconds the lights that are on the emergency system will start to cycle on then off. Some of lights will flicker then just completely turn off. I can get them not to cycle when I dim the load. Currently the High Low setting are set to 90% - 5%. Not sure exactly what this means. My question is where is the PLL setting and how do I turn it off? When I turned that off in Illumination it works perfectly. Also another questions: When the generator system kick on it turns on all of the H48 devices and they cannot be turned off with the app or a keypad. You have to walk the house and manually turn them off. The owner also doesn’t like that the some of the RMP loads will turn on after the power is restoredThank you for your responses.

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    Seems odd to have 2 generators on the same house.

    I didn't see anything regarding PLL in QS. I even looked in 15.0. I'm wondering if the RTISS is supposed to compensate for PLL?? I did see an option to enable/disable voltage compensation. Since PLL is related to frequency, I don't think that will help. I think you need to call tech support on this one. First level support probably isn't going to be able to help but you have to start there.

    High and Low refers to trim levels. High restricts the output of the device to that percentage. When the level reached the Low setting it cuts off. These are useful in minimizing flickering and buzzing from some loads.

    The H48 sounds like a different issue. It sounds like the H48 is not getting power when on the generator.

    Some RPM loads turning on is the system trying to restore where it was before the power went out. We used to have a start up sequencer but QS doesn't have that feature.
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