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Thread: Getting Error during conversion of HWI to HWQS database

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    Getting Error during conversion of HWI to HWQS database

    I'm trying to use the conversion tool so I can give a client an estimate to upgrade their 8 series processor to HWQS but keep getting the following error: Error during conversion: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.What does that mean and how can it be fixed? The database opens just fine in HWI 1.65 software. The database was extracted from the processor and was at version 1.3 originally. Oddly enough, 10 years ago I had tried extracting the programming and even though it would do it, it always said it was corrupted and couldn't open it. I even sent it to Lutron support 10 years ago and they couldn't do it on their end. Today I returned to the same house and using HWI 1.65, extracted the database without any errors and made some changes and reuploaded/updated OS and everything was fine. Can that have anything to do with it?

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    Try running the database repair under tools on the floorplan screen.

    It is possible the HWI database still has errors. I have been able to upload without any issues but get error messages when I switch between screens (like moving from floorplan to load schedule).

    I typically just print the BoM and convert that to HQS models.
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