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Thread: troubleshooting 3 way dimmerl

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    troubleshooting 3 way dimmerl

    I changed out my 3 way dimmer in the dining room (from beige to white). Worked fine before. When new one installed, the radio in the kitchen buzzes when light in dining room turned out. Two people from Volunteers of America can't figure it out. Please help.

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    This is posted in the Caseta section but doesn’t really sound like a Caseta product. What is the model number of the dimmer?
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    What was the model number of the original dimmer? What is the model of the dimmer you are using now?

    The buzzing is "noise" on the electrical system. Most electronics have noise suppressors built in. That's what that round thing is on your laptop power supply.

    There could be a compatibility issue between the dimmer and the LED. Even if the dimmers are in the same family there could be compatibility issues with one dimmer and not another.

    There are some hoops you have to jump through to use Caseta in 3-way applications. You can find the directions here:

    Neutral interaction can also generate noise. Make sure you have the neutrals separated between circuits.
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