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Thread: Caseta dimmers and LEDS

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    Caseta dimmers and LEDS

    I have a few 6wcl's and the pro dimmer 10nxd and using Satco s9438 bulbs and getting a slight buzzing noise. I have a few cases of these bulbs and thought I would try them as I don't see them listed on the Lutron list. I doubt there is anything I can do to cut the noise but thought I would ask. I am using a neutral on the pro dimmer and get the same exact buzzing. Just want to confirm it is compatibility issue. Thank You

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    Lutron tested the s9439 which is the same bulb with a different color output. However, it could have very different electronics. Lutron recommended setting the high end trim at 96% and the low end at 6%. You can find the directions here:
    LED, Incorporated
    Raleigh, NC 27614

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