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Thread: LR-3B-H Remote

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    LR-3B-H Remote

    Hello All,Can a LR-3B-H Visor Remote be used to trigger an event in RA2 Select? The reason I ask is that I see the LR-3B-H uses two CR2032 Batteries as opposed to the usual one Battery in a typical Pico Remote. Does this mean it would have more range or overcome more obstacles to its signal? I'd like to be able to trigger a light and chime when my wife comes home and needs help with groceries/packages. We don't have a garage and our home is about 15 feet from the street. I suppose, using the RA2 Select System (which I'm gearing up for), I could put a Repeater at the front most part of the house and use a standard 2 button Pico. If someone were already parked in front of the house, it would really be cutting it close to be within 30 feet of the repeater. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.Sincerely,heatman5

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    No. The LR-3B is not a clear connect device. It uses Honeywell HomeLink for communication. The only receivers Lutron has are the RR-VCRX and HQR-VCRX. Neither works with RA2 Select.

    Battery quantity does not affect signal strength. The 3B has 2 batteries because they had room for them and for extended life.

    Lutron is very conservative with their numbers. They have to consider average number of walls, wall thickness, construction materials, blah, blah, blah. I would give the Pico a try first. You may be surprised.
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    @randyc,Thanks for the advice. Going with the Pico will save me from the VCRX Series of Receivers. I don't even know if they would work within RA2 Select. I'll need to get the Wireless Repeater, an additional Pico Remote (two button, I guess) and a Relay (LMJ-16R-DV-B). That should let me trigger a Light and Chime to let me and my sons know that my wife is home with groceries and could use some help. On second thought, I might need to use a Wireless Switch (easier to cancel from inside the house). Thanks for your input.Sincerely,John Wagnerheatman5

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