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Thread: Toggled T8 LED tubes

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    Toggled T8 LED tubes

    Hi Guys

    Recently moved to a new house that has fluorescent in several rooms. Over the next year, I'll replace as I do remodeling, but I'd like to at least switch, if not dim them. I have RA2 and CL dimmers (currently). Anyone ever used these, or have any (not too expensive) recommendations for replacing fluorescents.



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    Good morning mark2457,

    After looking through the documents on the link that you provided, we found that the last bullet point on the first page of their installation guide states that "This device is not intended for dimmers.", link below.

    At this point in time Lutron does not have any LED tubes that we can recommend for use with our dimming ballast. Our ballast are designed and rated to only control fluorescent tubes and we would be unable to guarantee the performance that you will experience with our products. In the event that you are locked into these LED tube products we would suggest contacting the LED manufacturer to determine if the currently installed ballast are compatible. If they are, we would suggest installing a standard switch or if you want to control with a RA2 system an RRD-8ANS digital switch.

    If selecting another LED tube is an option, we would suggest finding one that is rated for a low DC voltage. If you can find a DC rated LED tube, we might be able to recommend one of our LED Drivers. Below is a link to our UL listed LED Drivers that are rated for either 12Vdc or 24Vdc and can handle between 5W and 40W constant voltage LED loads.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thanks Matt

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