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Thread: Maestro CL Dimmer MACL-153 won't dim or turn off

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    Maestro CL Dimmer MACL-153 won't dim or turn off

    I replaced a Maestro dimmer when I thought a short in a light damaged it. The light was dead and the volt meter showed only 5 volts at the dimmer terminals. The pigtail upstream from the dimmer read 120 volts. At the same time as I installed the new dimmer, I also installed a new chandelier. The chandelier lights up all the way, but won't dim and won't turn off. I used incandescent bulbs. None of the little indicator lights on the dimmer are on at all. I wired the new Maestro exactly like the old one. I noticed there are two different Romex wires coming to the box. Did I do something wrong in the installation?

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    Make sure you have power in on the black screw. Power out to the light on the brass screw. The blue screw is only used if you are controlling from more than 1 location.
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