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Thread: Sensors Switches Turning on When Sensors are Covered

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    Sensors Switches Turning on When Sensors are Covered

    I have a motion sensor switch which randomly turns on at intervals of minutes up to an hour or so. It is a single-pole application switching on three ceiling lights with integrated LEDs. Note that: 1) I have thoroughly covered the sensor area with black electrical tape 2) I have tried three switches, model #s MS-OPS2 and MS-OPS5M; the same issue happens with each 3) When the switches are set to vacancy mode (i.e., they are set to only turn on when the physical switch is pressed) this issue does not occurAny idea what could be causing this? Thanks,Chris

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    Same issue, I electrical taped the whole switch and it still randomly turns on. Put the switch at the front of the house near a window.

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    If there is a neutral connection (bundle of white wires under a wire nut cap) where the sensor switch is installed, we would recommend to have the sensor connected to this rather than the ground connection to see if it assists/resolves the issue. The Maestro sensor switches over a year ago now come with a green sleeve over a white wire, and when connecting to a neutral connection, the green sleeve can be removed. If the issue is still occurring, please email into so we can further assist. Our tech support team is available 24/7 and can also be reached via phone at (1-888-588-7661).

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