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Thread: Need Help to Find Correct Product and Solution

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    Need Help to Find Correct Product and Solution

    We are currently working on a 10 chandelier project for a client in Barbados, a restaurant, and they do not have access to a lot of product on the island. We told our client we would help him as best we could with supporting supplies. I have been playing e-mail tag with sales and support who suggested I post on here.

    Our chandeliers are made with a center ball with 81 arms (attached an image for reference) - 40 of the arms have a candelabra socket with a 25w incandescent 120v bulb. The client wants each hemisphere to be dimmed separately -two circuits (500w Max each). It would be a bit ridiculous to have a panel of 20 dimmers, two per chandelier, to control the 10 fixtures. I figure a control (home or theater base) system to achieve this.

    I was told a possible solution is the QS Grafik Eye. Looking at this and also another product offered by Leviton (32 Channel Controller with 6 dimmers). Really need to get this correct the first time, since we would not have time to wait since we will be onsite to help with the installation. Shipping, customs, etcetera takes upwards of two weeks at times and cant wait on the island for two weeks to get supporting hardware (relay boxes, switches, etc) - it sure would be nice though. Just need a design that includes any and all parts needed to achieve this.

    So the requirements are as follows:

    1) Be able to dim top and bottom halves the chandelier independently
    2) Be able to completely turn on/off the chandelier(s) entirely

    I am sure the newer control systems has a ton of capabilities and I am sure the functions (such as possible timer functions) will come in handy as the customer becomes more familiar with the product. He does have a concern of a system being "too complex" for his employees to figure out. I am more a believer of providing the best solution and the rest will eventually fall into place - especially learning what buttons to push.

    I appreciate ANY and ALL help!

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    So if I understand its a total of 1,800 watts per chandelier and you want to be able to dim the 1000 watts and then the 800 watts ? You need to do this 10 different chandeliers ?

    You want something simple and that will last and easy to control with minimill programming

    Using a QS Grafik Eye you would need multiple of them. to get to 20 500 watt circuits. multiple feeds from the panel to wall boxes just a wiring nightmare in my opionon. However it can be done and would work just not my choice.

    If I was doing this I would use a Spec Grade dimming Panel by Lutron . This would be more of a commercial application only need one larger feed to panel and it seems it fits your scenario. They are very robust and would last most likely a lot longer then standard dimmers or even a Grafik Eye thats heavily loaded. They can be programmed stand alone and function with a Keypad or add a processor for remote programming and something to build onto for the restaurant. Timers,Motion detectors,Daylight sensors,keypads and Smart Phone accessibility. Also would be able to be integrated with any A/V equipment in the restaurant. But trying to 10 of these with conventional dimmers would be a nightmare. I would assume having the zones dim evenly is important so lights don't look different and doing it all from a preset with 1 push of a button is what your after

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    One option I didn't mention is to use 1QS Grafik Eye to control multiple Lutron dimming interfaces however you would be limited to the scenes you could make and limited to how much individual control you would actually have. Not knowing how much control you need this may be less costly expense but in my opinion more labor. There are several ways to go with this.

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    First I'd like to thank you for the reply.
    This client wants control of the chandeliers by upper and lower halves. So what we did is wire the upper 20-25w bulbs together, and the lower 20-25w bulbs together and have two separate feeds out the top (four wires). So the maximum load is 500w per half. I guess looking at it from an Electricians viewpoint, each chandelier is two lights that need to be controlled. But yes, it would be 20-500w circuits - yeah a nightmare for wiring. One feed to the panel? Sounds like a winner to me. Also the point of durability is a very good one. Guess it would be a lutron hs24 panel in our case, along with a keypad? Cant seem to find a cost range online or any images of these with a control.

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    Im sure lutron has a department to make you a drawing to give to electrical contractor for ordering parts However with the spec grade panels they are made to order for many different control systems that Lutron offers. So you would need to decide what kind of flexibility you want for the future. If its ordered for a QS system then it needs a qs processor if its ordered for quantum system its a different MI interface inside the panel I believe. I more familiar with it being used in a QS system over a commercial system but its basically the same panel just a different MI (Module Interface) So it can be used with multiple Lutron systems. Depending on how many separate lighting scenes you want or what kind of individual control you desire would best determine what to do with the panel. If you have questions feel free to email me maybe I can get you in the right direction. My email is my username

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