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Thread: Caseta Appliance Module

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    Caseta Appliance Module

    Quick question, is there a plug-in appliance module compatible with the Caseta system? I have some outside lights that are on/off such as my landscape lighting and holiday lighting. I suppose I could build an appliance lutron on/off switch box in my garage and put a bank of switched outlets on the exterior, but that is a rather involved solution. Wifi/bluetooth controlled outlets won't work on my exterior as wifi coverage is not very good on my exterior and I dont have any bluetooth items where I would need them. Perpahs my Z-wave mesh will still serve a role in these cases.Being that there is a plug-in lamp module and there are appliance on/off switches, this just appears to be an obvious hole in the product offerings.Also, I see the Radio systems have an appliance module, just seems odd I cannot locate one for Caseta.Thanks,Chris

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    Currently there is only the PD-3PCL Caseta plug in lamp dimmer offered. This plug in module can be programmed to switch mode which just turns on and off for non-dimmable lighting loads. As the Caseta System continues to evolve this may be and offering some time in the future. Thank you. Matt.

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