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Thread: Caseta setup with two heads - remotes on one hub?

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    Caseta setup with two heads - remotes on one hub?

    Hey Lutron fans. I am in the process of switching over from a SmartThings based Z-Wave system (old Vera based Z-Wave system) to a dedicated Lutron Caseta system. Now that the bridge will support 75 devices, this is finally feasible. Unfortunately, with pico remotes included, I would need closer to 100. What I would like to do is have all of my actual devices on one hub. This hub would syn with SmartThings & Homekit and would be used to automation across other platforms via these two systems. I do not need the remotes for either of these cases. I am not looking to monitor the remotes, tie actions to them or anything like that. I am fine with the remotes only controlling their paired switch (or two if possible) via the Lutron Bridge.However, I do need the remotes because of multiple 3-way (and one 4-way) setup and for 10 lamp modules I will have in the system. I know I can setup two bridges and that they require separate email and registration for each. If I can put all of the devices on one bridge and all of the remotes on the other bridge, then I would never need to access the second bridge for device control.If this does not work, I have a Plan B so its not the end of the project, I fear linking two bridges through Homekit and SmartThings may be problematic.Thanks,Chris

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    Caseta setup with two heads - remotes on one hub?

    Hello there. Unfortunately with this many devices you would need to use two Caseta Bridges. You could not have one bridge setup for just devices and one for just remotes as the pico remotes have to be on the same bridge as the devices they are controlling. Think of the bridges as two separate systems. Devices in either system would not be able to cross talk to each other from one system to another. Hope this helps. Best regards.

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    You should really take a look at RA2 Select. It can reach 100 devices, and there is a remote dimmer, RD-RD-WH, that works in place of 3way and 4way switches when a dimmer is also present. Would keep your device count down and perform the same job as Caseta, without the headache of two SmartBridges.
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