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Thread: Confused (before I purchase)

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    Cool Confused (before I purchase)

    Renovating a home and trying to grasp as much as I can (even looked for a Caseta For Dummies - ha). Would like to purchase a system for my 1100 sq foot home but wondered:If currently a bedroom has two boxes (one for light and one for fan), would this eliminate the need for two? Meaning would one I just need one wall plate that would control both items? I stink with explaining so hope that made sense.

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    Not necessarily a fan and a light - - ***. ^^^^^^ I am a female and new to all this stuff, so please have patience.
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    No, you will need separate switches for the light and the fan. There is a non-system device that combines both into one, but not for Caseta for engineering reasons. Hope this helps!
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    For each zone you want controlled by the system you will need a Caseta device for each location the zone is controlled from. If your hall light has 3 switches you will need 3 Caseta devices. Probably a dimmer and 2 Pico remotes.

    In your bedroom example, you could just replace one of the switches with a Caseta device and leave the other one as a local only. Once the zone is controlled by Caseta you can control it by a hand-held Pico, the app, time clock, etc.
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