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Thread: Ms-ops6m2-dvr doesn't turn off when on arcfault circuit

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    Question Ms-ops6m2-dvr doesn't turn off when on arcfault circuit

    For the first time ever I'm dealing with arcfault issues that have nothing to do with excessive tripping. The biggest issue is in 2 bathrooms. In both cases the occupancy sensors stay on constantly when the ciruit is controlled by an arcfault breaker. If we switch to a standard breaker they work fine. I'm completely stumped, and hope someone else has a clue!The 2 bathrooms are on the same lighting circuit, which also includes other LED lights & Caseta dimmers. The receptacles are on a seperate circuit. (The secondary issue we're having is that all LED's are ghosting, and one is occasionally flickering when off- on this circuit and another lighting circuit. This happens even if we swap the Caseta dimmers with manual switches.)Although the secondary issue is clearly LED related, we did remove all LED ligths from the bathrooms circuit, and the occupancy sensors still stayed on constantly

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    That is weird! Just thinking out loud here...

    The OPS6M2 requires a good ground connection for reference.

    Electrical noise and/or voltage on the neutral can cause electronic dimmers to misbehave. The most common symptom is they don't turn off or don't turn completely off. With Arc-fault, breakers the neutral is routed through the breaker. Make sure the Arc-fault neutral is connected properly. Reversing the neutral in from the load and out to the neutral bar could cause issues.

    Keeping with the neutral theme... make sure the neutrals are separated between circuits and from the sensor up to the lights. I used to see this a lot with CFLs. The noise/voltage would cause them to glow when they were supposed to be off.
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    Thanks for thinking out loud. I'm pretty sure circuit neutrals are separated 'cause that would cause tripping (and I've had plenty of problems with that in the past!) I didn't install the arcfaults, but will check to see if the neutrals are reversed. The guy who installed them has had lots of experience with arcfaults, so that would be a surprise, but it is something I didn't think to confirm.I'm not sure what you mean by making sure the neutrals are separated from the sensor up to the lights, since the sensors are hot & ground only, no neutral. It occurs to me though, both sensors are 3-way wired. Don't know if that has an impact, just something I hadn't mentioned.

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