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Thread: How to use my caseta lutron with a motion sensor ?

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    How to use my caseta lutron with a motion sensor ?

    I would like to use a motion sensor with my caseta lutron associated with the bridge. Unfortunately, I see that it was not possible at the moment.Do you have any solution to use lutron caseta with motion detector without losing the advantages of the bridge connection?I would like a simple solution, not too much environment, no latency between the motion sensor and the caseta lutron. Do you have any sugestions?I have :- Lutron Caseta Bridge, Lutron Wireless Wireless Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer and Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Remote Control Dimmer (I use it with the Lutron app)- iHome smarplug (I use it with the Wink app)- Geeni Smart Wifi Essential Oil Diffuser (I use Smart Life app)Thank you

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    You will need a third party to handle this. SmartThings can do it but it is a cloud integration, not really recommended. I like to use Hubitat but it isn’t very user-friendly for a non-professional.
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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