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Thread: Lights turning on randomly

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    Lights turning on randomly

    I have two wireless dimmer switches installed with overhead can lights (4) and wall sconce lights (2). They've turned on randomly at full brightness several times, including the can lights turning on at full brightness last night at 3 am, the second time this has happened in the middle of the night. Clearly not acceptable for this kind of product. My wife basically wants them ripped out unless I can guarantee this will never happen again. There's many other reports of weird behavior, so is this a common problem? The hub is just outside the room. Can the switches respond to random noise and turn on without the hub sending a signal? Either way, how do I fix this?

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    Do you have the dimmers connected to Alexa? If so it's highly possible that Alexa Guard is causing the issue. Check Guard status on the Device tab of the Alexa app - it will say "Away" if it is active. Guard is configurable in the Alexa app in the Settings (3 bar) menu.

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    Do you have any Pico's in the system? I lost Pico placed under a book or stack of papers, or some other moderately "heavy" object may be intermittently pressing the On button. Also, check your scenes for time scheduled events, and verify that the bridge (and your phone) are on the correct time zone.
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