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Thread: Crestron control of RA2 QS Savoia shades

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    Crestron control of RA2 QS Savoia shades

    I am having issues with the driver from the Lutron site for shade control within RA2. The "preset_level_in" does not seem to be sending the shades to the "preset" level assigned. I have tried % and d, and the motors will move only slightly, never to the preset level assigned. I have a 0 delay time in the parameters. any ideas?

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    You have tried 0d and 65535d and you get no movement on either? I assume limits are set on shade? Dont really do too many RA2 integrations any more- only QS, so not sure if RA2 has updated their telnet logins so you cant use the default lutron/lutron. But if theyre moving slightly then thats probably not your issue.

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    Does the shade move correctly from the Ra2 system itself?

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