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Thread: Dimming Meanwell HLG-120H-48

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    Dimming Meanwell HLG-120H-48

    Have a customer that has an LED quantum board that uses as a power supply. He wants to use a Caseta pd-6wcl dimmer to control it however I am having a hard time figuring out if these two would be compatible and I don't want to damage his driver testing it out before confirming this will work. anyone have experience with these?

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    No. They list 3 dimming methods - 10v, PWM, and resistance. The 6WCL does not support any of those methods.

    Lutron does offer a GRX-TVI (10v interface) and a GRX-PWM (PWM interface) but you would likely need a neutral based dimmer to make them work. Tech support can confirm which dimmer you need.

    The TVI retails for $285. I didn't see anything on the PWM.
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    GRX-TVI would work, provided the Meanwell has the power on the 0-10V (called source). If it doesn't have that power (called sync), then you'll need the custom GRX that does supply the power- special order, higher price, and 8-10 week lead last I heard. Might be better to try the PWM interface (should be PHPM-PWM-WH) and run it off the PD-10NXD.
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    thanks for all the suggestions will look into these options and see what i can find

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