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Thread: Buzzing/humming lights

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    Buzzing/humming lights

    Just installed a Caseta dimmer in my bathroom and the two 2-bulb (60W) vanity lights buzz regardless of the dimmer setting. I'm using incandescent bulbs, not LED or CFL bulbs. Any suggestions?

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    I did some testing last night by removing all four bulbs and testing some other 60W incandescent bulbs that I had. Surprising, at least to me, changing the bulbs to another brand made the hum go away, though I only had two of those bulbs to test, not four.

    I also tested some Cree 60W equivalent LED bulbs that I have (that hum like crazy on my Caseta lamp dimmer) and they also hum. That didn't surprise me. I'm going to run out to Home Depot today and grab a couple different LED bulbs and see if I can find something that works. Yes, I know about the list of approved bulbs but the list doesn't seem to be current and/or my local Home Depot doesn't carry bulbs on the list.

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