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Thread: Clicking noise

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    Clicking noise

    I just installed several Triathlon shades yesterday and one of them makes a very faint clicking sound when shade is closing and not when it opens. Its like something is catching in the drive. Is this normal and can it be fixed?

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    I was just going to post the same thing! Just installed 8 Triathlon Honeycomb shades and one makes a faint ticking sound when closing.

    Another shade just recently started to make a louder "creaking" sound when closing and maybe opening too. Doesn't do it all the time.

    Are any of these sounds normal? These shades were not cheap, of course. I even upgraded to Rio colors with aluminum head rails.


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    Mine are the roller shades.

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    Contact Shading Customer Service at 800-446-1503 while you are on site. Have them listen to the shade while they are on the phone. They will advise from there.
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