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Thread: Exterior lighting scenario using motion detectors

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    Exterior lighting scenario using motion detectors

    I'd like to set up exterior lighting scenario wherein the exterior lighting is on at 20% between dusk and dawn using a timeclock-triggered scene, and then use motion sensors to trigger zones to 100% via contact closure when motion is detected in those areas. This seems like it would be a very common scenario.

    I've seen the App Note regarding motion detectors, but it must be fairly old as the sample vendors for the motion detectors are all out of business.

    Is this a common scenario? If so, what exterior motion detectors are commonly being used?


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    Does anyone have any experience with something like this?

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    I am just now looking into this same requirement.

    I have several exterior lights (cans, soffits, floods) that are already wired into my RA2.

    I want to to be able to have several of these exterior lights respond to an exterior motion sensor... so that after dusk they turn on when motion is detected.

    Anyone ever solve this kind of problem before?

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    Yup. You pretty much should be able to use any externally-rated occupancy sensor that provides a dry-contact output. You'd then land that on a dry-contact input (CCI) on either a keypad (contacts in the rear in the box) or on the VCRX.

    As far as I'm aware, however, is that there's no way to program a non-Lutron occupancy sensor (as needed in this case since Lutron doesn't offer exterior-rated ones) to not trigger lighting between dawn and dusk.

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    I've had great luck using the existing sensors outdoors. A ceiling mounted one for a front porch and a corner one for a covered patio area. The key is both locations are totally covered, open to the elements on the sides but with no potential for rain or direct sunlight hitting the sensors at all. Both have operated reliably for over two years outdoors through all four seasons in Maryland. Cold, hot, humid, dry, hasn't mattered. So while they might not be rated for outdoor use if you can protect them from the elements they seem to work just fine.

    Otherwise dry contact input to a VCRX is your other way to get direct input to a RA2 setup. Your other option would be using a 3rd party automation system that has RA2 support. Then your options open up to whatever sensors that system supports.

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