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Thread: SSL VPN connection

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    SSL VPN connection

    Does somebody connect to Homeworks QS processor whit SSL VPN connection?
    Could you help me to set up the processor


    IP address
    Subnet Mask

    Remote gateway
    Port 10443

    When I am connected it write that I am connected to and I am able to ping this IP address, but the IP address of processor I am not able to ping.
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    According to that info they will never talk set up like that unless there is some other device doing routing in-between. Your computer and processor are not on the same network. Processor 10.122.??.10 and computer 10.122.??.1 the 3rd octet needs to be the same if the subnet is Why is your computer on a different subnet ? Is this a residential or business installation ? Need more info to help as for the remote gateway on the vpn that may be okay since ssl vpn creates its own virtual network. You may want to try and change your subnet to that may or may not work there is a lot of factors involved With some more details on the setup we may be able to help here

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