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Thread: Pico > PowPak > Repeater?

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    Exclamation Pico > PowPak > Repeater?

    After a few calls to support, hopefully someone here can help me.I have a PowPak controlling lighting for 16 rooms, and a Pico remote controlling the PowPak.
    There are 6 setups like this and 4 work reliably.
    The problem is 2 of the PowPaks are on the outer border for range from the Pico remote.
    -The PowPak seems to be compatible with RA2 Select.
    -RA2 Select seems to be compatible with a L-REPPRO repeater.
    -Pico remote seems to be compatible with both.
    Can I simply pair the Pico to the new L-REPPRO repeater, to have it re-broadcast the remote's signal?
    What's the best way to set up a system (if possible)?
    Caveat: There is no internet.

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    Hello Phaiz,Depending on which PowPak controls you have will determine if they are compatible with any Repeaters. You would need to be using the models that begin with LMJ-. These PowPaks will work with the Ra2 Select Main Repeater which is model RR-SEL-REP2-BL. The L-REPPRO is an Aux Repeater that will extend the coverage of the Main Repeater and could be used if needed, but will not work by itself.

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    Phaiz- if you do this, make sure to plug the repeater into a live internet connection for about 15-20 minutes. This should give the repeater time to download any necessary firmware updates. Then you can take it to the job site and program using the contractor mode.
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