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Thread: Hi Lume A-Series LED Driver For Radio Ra 2 and Homeworks QS VS GRX-TVI

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    Hi Lume A-Series LED Driver For Radio Ra 2 and Homeworks QS VS GRX-TVI

    Have a question about the new Hi Lume LED Driver, Is the intent of this driver to be use in replace of the GRX-TVI?? When in the process of designing a Homeworks QS system, I find it very hard to determind which driver would be a good fit for a LED installation ( given the fact there isn't a standard yet) I know all of us would like to have a one size fits all LED Driver that would work with any Homeworks Device such as a 6D or a 6NA. I also realize that this driver maxium ampacity is only 40 watt, maybe it was design for a single installation of possible one cabinet light.......

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    Pete F.
    Hi Jimbo,
    Our Hi-Lume A-Series Driver is not intended to replace a GRX-TVI. The GRX-TVI is an interface that is designed to control a 0-10v ballast or driver with a line voltage control. Here is the Report Card for our LTE driver, which would be used with HomeWorks QS. The idea of having a universal driver would be great, but unforunately the individual requirements for LEDs vary greatly from one LED to the next.
    Lutron has a working relationship with several fixture manufacturers, or OEMs, that currently use our drivers in their fixtures. For a list of those manufacturers and their fixtures that use our driver, please see the High-Performance LED Fixture List.

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