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Thread: Three separate Homework QS systems on the same LAN

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    Three separate Homework QS systems on the same LAN

    Hi there,I need some help with the advanced settings of the system.My client has 3 QS systems on three different buildings on the same property connected to the same LAN. All the processors have been setup correctly with static IP's and matching Subnet Mask and GatewayOn the advance settings section each system is listed as system 1 with system address which is the default setting by Lutron.What settings i have to use in this section to keep the systems independent from each other but on the same LAN? Thank you in advance..

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    Since this is setup as 3 independent system on the same LAN, then you will need to adjust the system address of each system so they do not match. They don't need to be anything special, just as long as they don't match and they can stay listed as System 1.

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    Thank you :)

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    Just out of curiosity, if the LAN is being shared between buildings, why not combine the lighting?
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Quote Originally Posted by randyc View Post
    Just out of curiosity, if the LAN is being shared between buildings, why not combine the lighting?
    I have done similar installations in the past with multiple processors. First reason is if something takes down the Lutron processor, the other buildings are not stuck without lighting control- this way they are independent systems. Second reason is we avoid running copper LV wiring between buildings to mitigate any lightning damage, and we use fiber which handles any inter-building communications we need. Using one processor would mean running QS link cables between buildings and relying on lightning suppression devices which dont always do their job.

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    The best reason I can suggest for this parallel system topology is that your timeclocks will work in the event of a LAN failure. I was really surprised to learn that if you have 1 processor then the timeclock lives in that processor. If you have more than 1 processor then only one of these processors (#2 I believe) is now the time-master and instructs all of the other processors that a given timeclock event has occurred so do the thing. I would like to know why this is a better solution than each processor runs its own clock in parallel. I found out about it when a poolhouse-mainhouse LAN link went down and the client said the timeclock got screwy.

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    Why not run fiber between buildings? It’s easy, pre terminated OM4 with LC ends fiber at what ever length you need and get a pair of 1G fiber media converters for $180 each. Plug them in and your done, you’ve extended your network over fiber with no lightning risk and you can run miles if you need. You can step up and run 10g and put switches in a ring topology if you want. Separate systems on the same property is basically like putting separate systems on each floor of a big house, why? The property should all be as one.
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