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Thread: RRD-3LD Lamp Dimmer in switching mode using RA2 Select?

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    Question RRD-3LD Lamp Dimmer in switching mode using RA2 Select?

    Hello,The specs of the RRD-3LD lamp dimmer mention the device can be put in switching mode. I remember seeing the option when using Inclusive, but what about when using RA2 Select? I don't see the option anymore. Thank you for any help.

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    I looked in the RA2 manual programming guide and the 3LD submittal and install instructions and didn't see anything.
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    Check out the advanced programming guide...

    Hello!Page 5 of the Ra2 Advanced Programming Guide shows how to swap between dimmed and switched modes. It requires going into the dimmer's advanced programming mode (APM) using button presses to get to the secondary APM. I'm sure Lutron Tech support could talk you through it as well. This is only for devices programmed through button presses though and not through the PC. If you want to do it through a PC programming the system, you have to select the dimmer and then "edit" (while in the design tab) and then choose the an appropriate non-dimmed (or switched) load type. Let me know if there's any other info that will help!

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    Oh I see your question was specific to Ra2 Select. Not sure if this is possible...

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