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Thread: Four way with Caseta Wireless

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    Four way with Caseta Wireless

    Good afternoon. In my garage, I had two switches (a 3 way and a 4 way), one in my study (a 4 way) and then a 3 way in the hallway. All turning on the garage lights from four different locations.

    i was curious to see how the 5ANS could work with three toggle switches rather than the pico remotes.

    Its my understanding from the advanced installation guide, and a few previous installs, that the toggle switch (in the usual installation) supplies the 120V via the existing three way switch.

    I am powering the 5ANS from the same feed that supplies the existing circuit, but I replace the 4 way switch in the study with the 3 way switch from the hallway (which was previously feeding the lights in the garage, now being fed by the 5ANS). I then took the feed from the 3 way switch in the study, and connected it via the existing travelers to the blue wire of the 5ANS.

    I can now turn on the garage lights from 4 locations (1 5ANS and 3 toggle switches) Anyone see a problem with this? I can't think of one.

    There is a slight problem where the light blinks twice when i first turn it on, but I just proved it is from the phantom voltage the travellers are seeing (the power to the first switch in the garage runs through the same conduit. I plan to change that setup).

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    I'm having trouble picturing how you have this wired.Do you have two power feed on this circuit?- One at the initial 3-way switch.- One at the PD-5ANS.Can you post a drawing on how you have this wired?

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