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Thread: RRD-H6BR activation troubles

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    RRD-H6BR activation troubles

    Hey all,

    I'm having a spot of bother with a RRD-H6BRL. I selected it in activation mode, went over, held the second button from the top, heard the beep, but it doesn't seem to want to activate. It's only about 17 feet from the main repeater, with no obstructions between. I did a factory reset, and tried again, same thing. I entered the serial number, hit activate, and it fails.

    Any suggestions? What am I not thinking of? What else could cause it not to activate?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Try making a new hybrid next to this one in the design tab. Pop over to program tab and copy the programming to the new hybrid, then go back to design and delete the OLD hybrid. This used to happen occasionally with standard keypads and that usually fixed it. The key is to create and copy first so you don't have to redesign/re-do your programming.
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    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it was my bad. Fresh eyes and a good nights sleep allowed me to see the difference between RRD-H6BRL and RRD-W6BRL.

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