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Thread: Wireless Smart Lighting 3 Way Dimmer Switch Recommendations

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    Wireless Smart Lighting 3 Way Dimmer Switch Recommendations

    I have 12 - Dimmable Leonlite 40V lights. They are 2 - rows of 6 - lights and each row is on 3 way switches. There is no ground wire just one hot/black wire and a red and white traveler wires for the 3 way switch. I am looking for 3 way dimmer switches that also can be computer controlled. What would be some recommendations?

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    That's a loaded question. First, check the Leonlites and find out if they are forward or reverse phase. It won't affect the system you select but it will affect the dimmer you need.

    You mentioned that you have white wires attached to the existing switches. That implies that you have a "dead-end 3-way." In a traditional 3-way circuit, power enters at one end and goes up to the light (switch leg) at the other end. In a dead-end 3-way, power and the switch leg are at the same end so they relay one or the other to the other.

    Caseta is the least expensive option (dimmer $72 MSRP, Bridge $150 MSRP). Caseta doesn't do 3-way so you will need to put a Pico (battery/RF remote) in the 3-way/4-way locations. That's easy enough but you will need to do adjust the wiring. It has a "bridge" that has an astronomic clock, app control, and supports integration. There is a limit of 75 devices/radios. There is no upgrade path from Caseta.

    RA2 Select is the next step up (dimmer $139, repeater $199). R2S supports traditional 3-way wiring so there would be less reconfiguring. The repeater serves the same function as the Caseta bridge. There is a limit of 100 devices. The advantage to R2S is that you can upgrade to a full RadioRa 2 (200 device limit).

    RA2 Select uses Maestro style dimmers (7 gloss and 18 satin colors). There is a complete line of coordinating dimmers, switches, timers and sensors. Caseta uses a proprietary dimmer (4 gloss colors).
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