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Thread: Maestro 153M multilocation novel circuit diagram

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    Maestro 153M multilocation novel circuit diagram

    Hi, I want to replace a ZP600 (dead) and 3 companion dimmers, which I installed on existing wiring about 10-15 years ago, with a MACL-153M-WH and 3 companion MA-R-WH. Diagrams show line and load at opposite ends but I have line and load at master dimmer, with one companion upstairs and 2 companions in series downstairs. I have mapped all my wiring and have no problem running my red travelers from blue terminal to blue terminal but some of my remaining black wires are complicated by also serving power to other circuits. I may be able to get around that but still have trouble visualizing the circuit. Can someone provide a diagram of an ideal circuit with line and load at dimmer connecting out to the three companions?Thanks very much!

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    It sounds like the traditional 3-way wiring was altered to accommodate the Lightolier dimmer. You should convert it back to traditional 3-way wiring and use the standard Lutron wiring diagrams.

    You can try installing the dimmer at the box with the line/load - black = power in, red = comm, brass = load.

    You will need to power the companion dimmers. Connect the red wire to the blue terminals. Black = power in, brass = next device. You will not have anything connected to the brass terminal at the last device.
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    Perfect! It occurred to me during the night that the question I really had was whether I could leave the brass connection empty in the two end companions. Lights are on!:-)Thanks very much.

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