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Thread: GRX-3106 and Dimmable LED Downloghts

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    GRX-3106 and Dimmable LED Downloghts

    Hello,New here, but I've had two GRX-3106 dimmers in my house for about 12 years. A couple of years ago I replaced my 6" halogen ceiling downlights with dimmable trim replacements. Functionally they work great and dim smoothly as expected, but with 13 of them in the ceiling they buzz an awful lot. I've lived with it, but would love to know if there is some reference of knowledge of such LED downlights that people have had success with that don't buzz? I've learned to live with it but it drives others in the house crazy.Thanks in advance.Steve

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    Hey Steve Could you provided us with trim details. As you know getting older systems to play nice with LED. I use TCP or Nora. All LED buzz. Even when controlled properly. Get up close to a new trim on a new system you'll hear noise. Just how much your willing to deal with is the issue. Also is it all the trims or just a few. I have found that just one bad trim can be enough to drive one to the mad house.

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    Go to and click on "LED Report Card Tool." Under Control Technology select Forward Phase (only option unless you want to add reverse phase interfaces). Under Lutron Control select Grafik Eye 3000. You can shorten the list by selecting a lamp type.

    Lutron only tests bulbs that manufacturers send them. There are other bulbs out there that will work but they haven't been submitted to Lutron for testing.

    Generally I have had good results from Cree, Philips and EcoSmart (Home Depot house brand). Make sure you select a bulb that says forward phase or leading edge dimming. Sometimes they will say "incandescent dimmer."
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