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Thread: Remote controller for new dimmer

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    Remote controller for new dimmer

    My home office currently has an older Lutron dimmer controlling a four incandescent bulbs. I would like to replace the bulbs with LEDs, which means a new dimmer. Due to my limited mobility it is essential that the dimmer can be used with a remote control. Currently a MIR-ITFS RIS-REMOTE is being used. I can not find any Lutron dimmer that works with LED bulbs and a remote controller. I do not want a wi-fi or "smart" controller/dimmer. Any suggestions or help?

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    Lutron still has the Maestro IR family but it hasn't been updated so LED compatibility is going to be an issue. Pico is an RF (not WiFi) remote that works directly with Maestro RF, RA2 Select, RadioRA 2 and Caseta. For stand-alone applications, Caseta is the most economical. You can find a list of compatible bulbs at No controller is required. You will need to be within ~30' of the dimmer.
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    i have an old MIR-ITFS 3 V remote which broke. seems this is discontinued. a replacement? thx.

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