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Thread: Problems installing MACL-153M

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    Problems installing MACL-153M

    Our family room has four switches that control the overhead lighting, two 3 way (one of which has a dimmer) and two 4 way switches. I wanted to upgrade the 3 way dimmer to a Maestro. As it is the Maestro works fine until I use one of the other switches and then all lights go out on the Maestro (the little green ones) as if it has no power and I cannot turn the lights back on with the Maestro. If I fumble around with the non Maestro switches I can get the lights to come back on. So far I've done the following...

    (I) traced wiring, all appears good.
    (II) checked that the Maestro is connected to the hot end of the switch circuit, i.e. the black screw is connected to 120 V
    (III) what I haven't done is checked the ground, there are a bunch of wires
    (IV) I'm thinking of reinstalling the old dimmer to check all is still good.

    So my initial question is should the small green indicator lights on the left of the Maestro be one all the time? If they should does anyone have any suggestions about what I check next. All ideas welcome, thanks,


    BTW the switches are controlling a total of 141 watts of LED's.

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    The MACL153 is designed for multi-location dimming and does not use standard switching for the 3-way or 4-way. You'll need the MA-R "remote" dimmer. You'll be able to dim from all locations.
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