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Thread: Can RR2 and Serena Shades co-exist independent of one another?

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    Can RR2 and Serena Shades co-exist independent of one another?

    I'm at the limit of RR2, and have a few more shades that I'd like to add. Looking at Serena and their Connect Bridge so they can be controlled via automation. I know that they systems don't really "talk" to one another, but I'm curious if having them in the same location causes issues (wireless interference from overlap, etc)?To be clear, I'm not looking on having the RR2 devices control the Serena Shades, or the Serena Connect Bridge control the RR2 devices. I'm only looking to have both systems at the same location and concerned if there's issues with doing so...

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    RadioRA 2 does not work with Serena, only Sivoia QS Wireless and Triathlon. One of the things the systems do during initial setup, when it seems like it might not be doing anything, is checking for interference. If you add Serena shades, they should see the RA2 system and pick a frequency that does not interfere.
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    I agree with randyc. Shouldn't be an issue at all, as the systems all scan for frequencies already in use. That being said, if you run stand-alone, I don't believe the shades themselves will scan. Best to put on a SmartBridge, or SmartBridge Pro if you wish to integrate. The bridge will scan for you. Since the Serena/SmartBridge/Picos aren't in the RadioRA2 system, the main repeater will not recognize any communication from the second Serena system. Just for my curiosity, why not get another main repeater and have a programmer (or yourself) get to Level 2/Inclusive? Much cleaner system to have everything in one.
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